01 mei 2011

How to make a color chart

I adore color pencils so much I have several boxes and in total more than 200 color pencils. Most of them I got from my boyfriend. For the Timid collection I use color pencils Derwent Artists. Because the box contains 72 pencils, I decided to make a color chart to make it easier for me to select the right colors for each project.

I made the sheet in exell, with on the left the fields that I colored in, next to it I noted the color number of the pencil and on the right I left some place to write down the RGB value. I hope to make my designs also digital in Photoshop or Illustrator, but there you can choose from millions of colors, a tough job for me to select the matching colors. So if I find a nice digital color that matches with a color of a pencil, I write down the RGB-value. This way, I develop digitally my unique color database. I designed the sheet so that the colored fields or at the side of the paper. It is much easier to compare the color pencil with the color on a photo.

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