15 augustus 2011

Pop up Butterfly

In this tutorial I explain how to make this 3D butterfly pop up card.

What do you need:

- Paper
- Colored paper, color pencil, paint (whatever you prefer)
- Drawing pencil
- Gum
- Glue

    1. Draw the butterfly (height and width +/- 7 cm) or copy mine. Pay attention to the head of the butterfly. This part has to click in each other.

    2. Cut out the silhouette of the butterfly and the rectangle in the body of the left wing. You can also cut out the pieces in the wings. Or you can color them in. Remember that the butterfly will be 3D. That means you have to color the front and back af both wings. If you use colored paper, you don't have this problem. I've cut out all pieces.
    Don't forget the 'flaps' at the bottom of the wings. They're very important.

    3. Draw a flower (height en width +/- 10 cm), color in and cut out. You can also copy mine. I've chosen a sunflower.

    4. Fold a sheet in two (20 x 15 cm) and lay the flower in the middle of the sheet. With a pencil you indicate the position.

    As you can see I colored my sunflower with aquarel and water color pencils.

    5. Click the head of the butterfly as shown on the photo. The  right antenna goes trough the hole of the left antenna.

    6. Position the butterfly on the sunflower and indicate with a pencil where the 'flaps' of the butterfly come. Make there a cut in the sunflower. This cut has to be larger than the heights of the 'flaps'. When you glue everything, you won't notice the cuts anymore. Fold the 'flaps' and slip them in the cuts of the flower. Glue the 'flaps' on the back of the sunflower with tape.

    Make sure you positioned everything well. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but still. The head of the butterfly has to be parallel with the fold of the sheet. Make a kind of a triangle with the wings to position the 'flaps' well.

    7. Glue the flower with the butterfly on the sheet. Fold the card. When you open the card, the butterfly pops up.

    Voilà, finished. If you have a question or remarks, please leave a comment.

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