15 oktober 2011

Coleen's real women

These days, I follow the show 'Coleen's real women'. For those who don't know the program, a little introduction. Coleen, wife of the football star Wayne Rooney (not a clue who he is, but I'm not into sport ;-)) challenges companies like Schwarzkopf to use normal women into their publicity campaigns instead of models.

The reason why I love this program is obvious: it shows that every woman is beautiful (if you take care of yourself = basic hygiene) no matter your length, weight or skin color. But there is another reason why I adore the program and that's Coleen herself. Ok, she had the opportunity to become famous, but after all those years, she stays with her both feet on the ground. While her 'helper' runs after potential models on the street, she's a bit shy to talk to strangers. It is really lovely to see how a beautiful, successful woman as she still a bit timid is. Adorable.

And, that, my reader, puts a new heart into every timid person like me. There is nothing wrong about that. 

Superdrug (fragment)

Coleen casts women for the brand Superdrug in Birmingham.

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