29 november 2011

Good morning and goodbye

Since I was a child I wanted to make my own clothes. So this year I finally subscribed myself in for a basic sewing course. Last week the teacher told us that we are going to make a pyjamas and she advised not to spend to much money on the fabric, because it was our first real exercise.

On the internet I found a good address where I could buy some cheap fabric, but… they say on several blogs… that the owner is a bit weird. On one blog I read that you must say loud 'good morning' when you enter the shop. So with this words in my mind I went to the store.

-"Good morning, sir!!"
-"Good morning."

That went well, I thought to myself. I'm in. Nothing can happy to me anymore today. I walked around in the store and all I saw where roles and roles of fabrics, but no single label, so I hadn't a clue which fabric I had in my hands. Is this cotton? Jersey? No, it isn't. Finally I grasped a fabric that I liked and I made this huge mistake:

-"Excuse me sir, is this a good fabric to make a pyjamas?"
-"A what?"
-"A pyjamas."
-"Wo makes a pyjamas these days? If you need one, buy one in the supermarket. Quick and cheap. And besides, who wears a pyjama these days?"
-"But it is for school. For an exercise."
-"Really? Tell your teacher she is stupid. That she needs to find something else to teach. Besides with that fabric you're not allowed to make a stupid pyjama. That's for a custome."
-"Oh, do you have something else suitable?"
- (After a long pause and some deep breaths) Here you go, a flannel with a print of teddy bears. How cute is that? Not! But who cares, you're not gonna walk outside with your pyamas. aren't you?

I look at the fabric that I don't like at all at neither do I like the price: 7 euros a meter. But the horror continues…

-"Do you listen to every advise people give you?"
-"If they have more experience in the field, yeah, I do."
-"So, if the pope tell us not to have sex before marriage, you accept that. Damn you. You don't only look sweet, you're also very naïve."

That closed the door for me. I'm 30 years old and I make good money. I don't let myself to humiliate for a few euros. I leave the shop without fabric and a goodbye. Au Pluba in Ledeberg, you did it again. You're getting really famous on the net.

And finally? I found a nice cotton for only 2,5 euros a meter somewhere else.

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