11 maart 2012

Pop Up Birthday Card

What you need
coloured pencils, paint,…
paper (± 180 grams)
pair of scissors 
1. Draw an illustration or copy mine. Just click on the image to download (height: 8,5 cm, width: 13 cm). 
Tip: If you don't like the image and you have no inspiration yourself, look in a color book (I have one of Walt Disney myself) or you can search for photos.

2. Color the illustration. I used Derwent Studio color pencils.

3. Fold the card in two (open: 21 cm x 14,7 cm, closed: 10,5 x 14,7 cm). Draw on the folded line two rectangles of  2 x 1 cm, as you see on the left illustration. You have to cut the black lines and fold  the red lines. Make sure the rectangles will be covered by the bear and the present (my exemple).

4. When you've finished the cutting and folding, push the rectangles up, see photo on the left. Now you can glue your illustration on the rectangles.

5. Voilà, this is the result. Easy!

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